The App works on a Freemium model so there is a free version and a paid version, but the PREMIUM version is free for a limited time and if you download it now and register you will have PREMIUM forever.

Of course, in weatapp we have a plan for “Event Planner” of events and we also have another for “Associates”. You can consult the information directly at this link: Event Planner,  Associates Plan

Not now, we are working on the implementation of digital tickets which will allow you to generate economic income with your events, we invite you to subscribe to our Newsletter to find out when the update is ready.

At weatapp we are always looking for new talent if you think you can collaborate to make this App better, please send us an e-mail to contact@weatapp.com and we will gladly see your information.

Now it works in Mexico and at the beginning of 2021 we will be expanding to all of Latin America and the United States, if you live in this area of ​​the world and you are interested in joining the expansion plan of our platform, we invite you to review all the information of the Associates Plan

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